When producing signs and displays, clients often ask us what material they should use for a high-impact, long-lasting finish. One of the most common of these is Correx. In this article, we explore what Correx is and the benefits of using it for your next display or promotion. 

What is Correx?

It is a type of polypropylene board. When you look at it in profile, it looks like it’s made of lots of tubes all joined together, hence the alternative name ‘fluted plastic board’. 

The material is made of two joined layers, which means it’s strong, lightweight, hardwearing and weatherproof – ideal for use in a wide range of environments.

And although it is similar to Foamex, it’s actually much stronger, which makes it more suitable for outdoor use and areas where it might be subject to more wear and tear. 

Possible uses

Given its strength and durability, we have experience producing an array of promotional products with Correx, including:

  • Estate agent boards
  • Building site signs
  • Bollard covers
  • Event signs
  • Directional signs
  • Advertising/trade signs 

Plus, because it’s so strong, it can be used to protect walls, floors and windows from damage.

Is Correx waterproof?

Yes, which means it’s ideal for signage and displays destined for outdoor locations. 

Is Correx recyclable?

Yes, it’s a material recognised by recycling plants, so it doesn’t go to landfill.

Is it fire retardant?

Standard Correx isn’t, but we can offer fire-retardant options if necessary. 

How to print on Correx boards

We have a specialist digital printer that can produce high-resolution images on Correx so you get great quality graphics every time. Plus, we can screen print onto this material.

How thick is Correx?

It’s available in a range of different thicknesses from 2mm to 10mm, depending on what you need the sign for. If it’s going to be subject to wear and tear, opt for thicker material.

How to cut Correx

It’s easy to cut it yourself using a knife or a guillotine. However, for signage and displays, we can accurately cut Correx in a range of shapes at our factory using out flat-bed cutters, ensuring that all your promotions grab the attention of your audience. 

How to mount Correx boards

It’s easy to put Correx boards up because they’re so light. You could use screws, suction cups, staples and specialist glue or tape to keep them in place, depending on the weight. You could even use pins. 

Can I paint on Correx?

Like most plastics, most paints don’t adhere well to Correx. However, specialist primers can be used to ensure you get a good finish if you want to paint them. 

Do you offer Correx printing?

Yes, we do. We can produce a wide range of promotional items printed on Correx. Contact us today for a Correx board printing quote.

Planning your next display?

We’d love to help you make an impact with your campaign. Drop us a line to learn more about the signage options we can offer.