Attract attention on the high street and build recognition for your coffee brand or roastery  with these eye-catching promotional signs.

You’re full of beans about your amazing coffee product, but now you want to tell the world and build some brand recognition on the high street. To do so, you’re going to need the help of a few promotional signs.

To ensure your coffee brand or roastery is a roaring success, take a look at these 5 promotional signage ideas to grab the eye of passers-by.

1. Stand out with pavement signs

Pavement signs are ideal for putting your brand and product in front of potential buyers and directing them to pop inside your shop, if you have one.

A-board, foil or swinging pavement signs are ideal for this purpose. Simply pick a vibrant image and put your brand name in a clearly visible space to promote your product. Cheeky taglines and plays on words may also be helpful.  

However, if you really want to make sure your sign isn’t missed, you may want to opt for a Boost pavement sign. Here at BDH Tullford we can create designs in any shape you want, such as a coffee cup or take-away mug, to give your brand a bit of extra visibility.

2. Show a selection with magnetic wall boards

Magnetic wall boards are a sleeker, less messy alternative to chalkboard signs and can be a great way of advertising the selection of coffee beans you offer. 

Your branding will be printed onto a magnetic sheet, which you can then customise by sticking on magnetic labels to quickly and cleanly advertise your products. 

This is particularly helpful if your selection changes regularly as you can simply reorder, add or remove labels to suit whatever coffee beans you want to promote.

3. Get your message across with promo posters

Big and bold posters can quickly convey your brand name and message wherever you stick them up. They can also be easy ways to tell customers about any promotions you’re running or new products. 

A successful poster is low on words but big on impact, so make sure you don’t crowd the space. Use your brand colours to facilitate brand recognition and pick an image that draws the eye instantly.

Putting them up in people’s eyeline is a great way to get the most out of a good poster try sticking them on the front of a door or in a central window to give it maximum exposure.

4. Say it best with a table talker

If you have shops or cafés selling your products, a table talker can be a nifty way to provide a little more brand or product messaging. They can sit proud on top of a counter and are ideal for promotional offers or adverts for any food & drink events you may be involved in. If you position them near a sales point, you could even tempt a buyer to purchase an additional offer or product.

5. Flag your brand

A flag fluttering in the breeze can be a perfect way to make sure people notice your coffee brand.

Available in a range of sizes, flags can be screwed onto walls to attract attention from further away or mounted on the floor to direct someone to your door. They can be particularly helpful for promoting your businesses at an event, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

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