Dave Clarke has been making headlines for his love of bins, so what better way to reward a fan than by giving him his very own FAB bin?

Bin spotter Dave Clarke from Caister has gained fame for his photo catalogue of his favourite bins, which he posts online to his social media accounts. The story caught popular imagination and reached both the local and national press. But one bin in particular has drawn admiration from the ‘bin-fluencer’ our very own FAB bin. 

Meeting the bin’s makers

Having spotted Dave Clarke’s enthusiasm for the bin, we invited him to visit our business and meet the team. On the big day, we gave him a tour of our premises while also introducing him to the other bins in our collection.

To top off the visit, Dave was then gifted his very own FAB bin to take home, which he was delighted to receive. “It was great to meet everyone at BDH Tullford,” said Dave. “And thank you for the bin what a fab bin it is!”

David Hutchins, our company director, was equally pleased to meet Dave and share his enthusiasm for the design: “It was wonderful to meet Dave. As soon as we saw the story, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to give him his own FAB bin. It is always nice to meet a fan!”

A favourite for advertising

Having designs on a bin is a particularly popular option among coffee and ice cream companies. “This is because it is very eye-catching,” explains David Hutchins, “particularly when the bin resembles the product itself, which is the case with the FAB bin.” 

The bin itself is rotationally moulded in high-quality polyethylene, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A weighted base gives the bin stability. 

We offer two graphic packages to those who want their designs on a 835mm x 400mm bin:

  • A body graphic on a colour co-ordinated moulding.
  • A complete body and bin top graphic wrap on a colour co-ordinated moulding.

Would you like your design on a bin?

If you would like to advertise your product or service on a bin, or if you have any other enquiries about printing or point-of-sale (POS) designs, please get in touch! 

You can call us on 01603 620780 or email us at hello@bdhtullford.co.uk.