With the world starting to get back to ‘normal’, print designs in 2022 are going for a more sophisticated and sustainable edge. To find out how to get your brand noticed this year, read on to discover the top print trends.

1. Rich and sophisticated print colour palettes

Bright was beautiful in 2021 as brands went all out to attract the attention of MIA consumers during periods of tight Covid-19 restrictions. But in 2022 print design is calming down, opting for depth and warmth rather than bold and electric. To chime in with this trend, choose a limited palette of sophisticated, rich colours. This will allow your displays, signs and packaging to ‘pop’ while also giving an aura of elegance.

2. Modular print designs

Getting back to normal means you can start to focus on the things that really matter – including sustainability. Another key print trend of 2022 is therefore modular displays. Modular displays can broadcast your brand message but be given more longevity by having easily replaceable or interchangeable graphics. This makes the display reusable and means that the whole thing doesn’t need to be thrown away once it goes out of date or becomes worn.

3. Recycled (and recyclable) print materials

With sustainability driving many print designs in 2022, the use of recycled paper and other materials is going to grow. Recycled paper in particular is now much more attractive as it comes with fewer blemishes, making it ideal for printing projects with an environmental conscience.

Using materials that can be easily recycled once your print project has served its purpose is another key trend of 2022. Try to move away from signage or displays that rely on PVC and consider options such as uncoated paper. This material is very light and fibrous, making it easy to recycle and transport.

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4. Layered print designs

Print designs in 2022 are rarely going to be flat. This year, think about layering imagery, shapes and text for modern and stylish print material. Cutouts or collage effects will also help to put your brand front and centre.

5. Go digital

Digital printing, particularly on flexible packaging, is another key trend in 2022. Many brands were beginning to turn to this printing solution at the end of 2021 and this momentum has continued into the new year. Sustainability will drive the use of single (and preferably recyclable) materials in this sphere too, so make sure you factor this into your print designs.

6. Modern minimalism

It always feels as though some form of minimalism is making itself known, and this year is no different. While black and white will always give your print project class, this year a bright pop of colour will give your designs the edge. Choose just one colour across your different displays, mail and brochures and use it sparingly against an otherwise toned down design to really give it maximum impact.

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