Hosting an event this summer? Make sure you get key information noticed with this selection of essential signage and display materials…

From promoting your event to highlighting the right location for parking, getting the right signage and advertising displays for summer events is key.

Whether you’re hosting a festival, fair or country show, make sure your event this summer is a success with these signs.

Post the way with Correx road signs

Directing visitors towards your event and then to available car parking is essential for a smooth-running event and the avoidance of lost and confused visitors.

Printed onto recyclable polypropylene boards, Correx road signs are strong, lightweight and weatherproof, which makes them ideal for positioning along the roads. They are also ideal conduits for digital printing, which allows for high-res imagery to ensure that your signs’ information is clearly visible from the car.

If your event is likely to last until the sun goes down, you may want to opt for reflective signs so that your visitors don’t get lost in the dark!

Catch attention with bright banners

Banner signs are ideal for catching the eye to promote your event in advance or to advertise a key event message on the day itself.

Quick and cost-effective, PVC banners are ideal for indoor and outdoor summer events. They’re also reusable, which will come in handy if this is an event you are looking to repeat.

If you really want to go big, or you are hosting your event in a particularly open space, you may want to opt for mesh barriers instead, which will allow for the wind to travel through them.

And if sustainability is at the heart of your summer event, you can also choose recyclable alternatives. Just have a chat with us about the possibilities.

Flag it

Flags can contribute towards a festive atmosphere as well as acting as helpful markers for your event attendees.

Offering high visibility and able to stand up to the elements, they are particularly suited for outdoor shows or summer sporting events. Choose from single or double-sided options cut from tough 140gsm knitted polyester material to adorn your event. You can also opt for recycled rubber bases to keep your flags in place.

Hand out helpful leaflets

Leaflets can be very useful both before and during your event.

In the days leading up to your big occasion, you can distribute them to raise awareness and make a good first impression with sharp digital printing. On the day itself, you may want to think about creating some leaflets to show a map of the event site or a list of available activities and displays.

Promote your big day

Promotional items, such as leaflet holders, countertop mats, stickers and posters, can all be effective types of advertising displays for your summer event.

Leaflet holders can be customised to stand out in the crowd, whereas countertop mats with a choice of thicknesses and materials can be eye-catching message conveyors when scattered over a stall countertop.

Stickers in display areas can also draw the eye. Versatile, cost-effective and with a choice of single or double-sided options, you can easily adapt these sticky signs to suit your purpose.

Sort your summer event signage

If this article has sparked ideas for your event, you can get in touch with us to discuss your signage needs. Simply email or give us a call on 01603 620780 to get started.