Whether you’re a new name in your industry or you’re looking to improve sales of a particular product or service, it’s vital to get your POS display design right. With more than 50 years’ experience in print and POS manufacturing, we’ve put together 7 top tips to ensure your next POS marketing project is a success.

1. Define your objectives

Before starting any marketing project, it’s vital to define what you want to achieve. This will guide your POS display design. If you want to raise brand awareness, you may keep the promotion simple with a bold image and tag line. If you want to encourage more sales, you may want to incorporate an offer, such as a discount in-store. Make a note and share it with your team before you get started on the design phase.

2. Measure success

Once you have your objectives, consider how you’re going to measure success. We recommend doing this early in the display process because it may affect the POS display designs.

For instance, if you’re promoting a particular product, you may choose to monitor product order rates from specific retail outlets. 

On the other hand, if you want people to sign up for your marketing newsletter, you may choose to measure QR code scans or conversions via particular website landing pages. 

Ensure you know how you’re going to measure the success of the POS display so you can incorporate appropriate measurement mechanisms.

3. Be true to your brand

While you may not have the recognition of Coca-Cola, it’s important to be consistent wherever possible. This ensures you become synonymous with your industry, product and service. Even if people don’t buy from you right away, using clear branding within your POS display means they’re likely to return to your brand in future. 

Be sure to use brand colours, logos and typefaces to really reinforce your brand.

4. Know your audience

Regardless of whether you’ve completed market research, you should have a rough idea of what your customers want from your business, products and services. 

For instance, does your new product make life easier for them? Or save them money? 

Where possible, incorporate the benefits within your POS display design to ensure potential new customers can clearly see why they should spend money with you. 

5. Understand the space

The positioning of your POS display will have a large impact on the success of the design so keep this in mind. 

For instance, if it’s a pavement sign that’s going to be displayed on busy high streets, you may opt for a design with long-range visibility, catching the eye from several metres away. As an example, our Boost pavement sign can be cut to shape, to give it more impact than other types of pavement signs. 

Alternatively, if it’s an in-store retail display, you may choose to include more detail and calls to action because it’s likely to be viewed at close quarters.

Take a look at our POS brochure for more inspiration. 

6. Find POS Display Design Experience

Of course, POS display design is a specialist field so you may need expertise from outside of your business. When seeking the right person, ask to see their portfolio and examples of relevant work. This will ensure you’re happy with a POS display designer’s experience and skill set. 

Remember: we have our own artwork and graphic design team, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like us to provide a quote for this service.

7. Use the right tools

In order to achieve an attention-grabbing, high-quality finish, make sure your designers are using high-resolution images and appropriate design software. It’s also important to ensure you’re working with a POS manufacturer with experience in the field and that they’ve advised you on the best possible display product for your needs. 

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