If you’re looking for an in-store display, it can be hard to know where to start. The world of signage is awash with technical terminology and jargon that can seem impossible to understand. To help demystify the industry, we’re addressing some of the most confusing terms, so you can find the right displays for your business.

In this article, we answer the question: What is a shelf talker?

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What is a shelf wobbler?

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Shelf Talker Definition

A shelf talker is a marketing display component, designed to draw the consumer’s attention to a particular product or offer.

Also known as shelf barkers, they attach to the edge of a shelf and draw attention to a particular display. For instance, promoting a special offer, a new product or brand, with the ultimate aim of encouraging a sale.

Although retail shelf talkers tend to be small, they’re effective and versatile. They can be cut into different shapes to create greater stand out from the shelves. You can use reflective finishes to catch the light, or attention-grabbing LED lights to generate interest. For a super-premium look, emboss the surface to create 3D-optical illusions that really draw the eye.

The only limit is your imagination! 

Shelf talker example

What is a shelf wobbler?

A shelf wobbler is slightly different from a talker but serves the same purpose.

One is static the other moves. Movement attracts attention.

They either slot into the shelf-edge strip, or have an arm that extends from the shelf. Because this arm tends to be made of paper or thin, flexible plastic, they move in the breeze, hence the name ‘wobbler’. Scroll down for examples.

Thanks to their effectiveness, both shelf talkers and wobblers are used in a wide range of environments, from supermarkets and garages, to pet shops, fashion stores and cafes. 

Benefits of Shelf Talkers

There are a number of benefits to using shelf talkers in retail environments, including:

Cost-effective: Made from plastic or paper, the materials used are inexpensive to source. Plus, they’re light, so the cost of transportation remains low.

Implementation: It’s easy to put shelf talkers in place. They either slot into the shelf edge strip or clip/stick to the unit in question.

Custom designs: Shelf talker design allows for an almost infinite range of possibilities. As long as they’re lightweight and don’t extend too far into the aisle, the options are endless. From super-premium, 3D-embossed graphics, to cut-outs, the only limit is your imagination. An experienced graphic designer can create a design that fits your brand and achieves your objectives.

Enhanced in-store experience: Shelf-talkers and barkers add to the visual theatre of the retail environment. They can incorporate flashing LED lights, along with the wobble to unconsciously draw the light, making the shopping experience more engaging for customers.Sustainable: Paper shelf talkers can be crafted from recycled paper or card and, provided they’re laminated or foiled, popped back into the recycling when you’re finished.

Size: Talkers tend to be about A5 in size, so they can hold plenty of information. That said, shelf talkers come in a range of shapes and sizes. 

Shelf Talker Examples

When it comes to printing retail shelf talkers, we have lots of experience. Here are some examples of custom shelf talkers we’ve created for clients in the past.

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