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Scaffolding isn’t pretty but it can draw attention to your work and expertise – especially if you add an eye-catching scaffold banner to the poles to get your name and business out there.

What Is a scaffold Banner?

Scaffold banners appear on the outside of building or construction sites and act as either an advertisement or message board for passers-by. Many building and scaffolding businesses use them as a quick and easy form of self-promotion, placing their business’ name and brand at the front and centre of a work in progress.

Scaffold signs are usually just fixed to a small portion of scaffolding, but big scaffolding banners can cover a wall or even an entire building. In the latter case, they are known as building wraps. These are ideal for giving the aesthetics of a building site a bit of a boost while also giving the public some useful information about the work going on beneath the banner.

What are scaffold signs made out of?

Scaffold signs need to be durable and hard wearing to cope with the weather. PVC is a very common material as a result because it is long-lasting and tear resistant. 

Mesh is another common scaffold banner material as it is very well suited to coping with strong, windy conditions. The woven mesh allows wind to pass through the scaffold banner, reducing the risk of the sign billowing, tearing or flapping. The wider the weave of the mesh, the more wind and light it allows to pass through.

Some scaffold signs can be reinforced with a fine nylon mesh for additional strength while double-sided scaffold banners may have a black separator in the middle to reduce the transparency of the sign. Steel frames with printed panels are also used.

How are scaffold banners installed?

Smaller scaffold signs are very easily fitted by sliding scaffold poles through banner pockets, which are typically placed at the top and bottom of the sign. They can also be installed by threading bungee or shock cord through pre-made eyelets.

Big scaffold banners and building wraps may need more careful fitting due to their size. Often a frame is made from the scaffolding and the sign is then fixed in place using clamps or bungee or shock cords through the eyelets. This gives the banner much-needed tension while also allowing a little bit of give. 

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