Show your pick of the day with a magnetic wall board

Need to swap out foods or flavours at short notice with a minimum amount of fuss? An eye-catching magnetic wall board can keep your customers up to date without a chalkboard in sight.


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If your menu needs to move quickly with the times or keep customers up to date with what’s currently in stock, a magnetic wall board can be a practical and attractive solution. Once attached to a wall or the side of a kiosk, you can quickly stick on magnetic signs showing prices or the flavours of the day – a professional and mess-free alternative to chalkboard signage.

What are magnetic wall boards?

Magnetic wall boards are durable and practical point of sale (POS) signs that are ideal for food manufacturers to use to display their products. 

If your menus change daily or you want to keep customers up-to-date with what is still available, magnetic signs offer a quick and easy way to change what is displayed. Printed onto a steel sheet, you simply attach the desired magnetic labels to your board and peel them off afterwards. This gives you total control over your display.

Boards are completely customisable and labels can be printed as strips or tiles in various sizes, depending on your needs.

What are magnetic signs used for?

Magnetic signs are ideal in any setting that needs an information board or POS sign that can be quickly and easily changed with a minimum amount of fuss.

Among food manufacturers, custom magnetic signs are particularly convenient for fast and efficient menu changes. They can be easily reordered to show the day’s available choices or to promote a certain dish. Unlike whiteboards or chalkboards, they do not need to be wiped down to keep them looking presentable, saving you time that can be better spent serving customers.

Magnetic wall boards are also durable and have an anti-rust coating to maintain their longevity.

How much do magnetic wall boards cost?

The cost of a custom magnetic sign will depend on the quantity ordered, their size, design and the chosen number of magnetic stickers.

To get a quote, you can email us at or give us a call on 01603 620780 to discuss your needs and the price of magnetic wall boards. 


What are magnetic wall boards made from?

Magnetic wall boards are made from tough and durable powder-coated steel sheets. Typically, these come in 400x800mm, 480x800mm or 600x800mm sizes. However, magnetic signs can be easily customised to any shape or size and printed with your branding and colours. Radius corners are rounded for safety.

The magnetic stickers are then printed as strips or tiles in various sizes and colours to suit your specific needs.

How are magnetic signs installed?

Our custom magnetic signs are delivered pre-drilled for quick installation. This means they can be easily attached to walls or the sides of an ice cream kiosk. Choose your display area and simply fix them into place with screws.

Discuss magnetic wall boards with us today!

As a manufacturer with many years of experience producing POS signs for clients across the UK and Europe, we can design, produce and dispatch your own magnetic wall board from our facilities in Norwich. To find out more, get in touch with us by emailing or calling 01603 620780.

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