Hoarding Signage

Hoarding signage

Hoarding signage is a fantastic opportunity to generate interest in your latest construction project, whether you’re building homes, retail units or something else. Speak to the BDH Tullford team to order yours today!

Hoarding signage is a cost-effective and simple form of promotion. These displays sit on the fences (or hoardings) that enclose construction and development sites for security as well as health and safety reasons. Rather than leaving hoardings bare, they can be used for informational or promotional purposes.

What is Hoarding Signage?

What is Hoarding Signage Used For?

How much does building site signage cost?

What is hoarding signage made from?

How to install hoarding signage

Hoarding signage designs

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What is hoarding signage?

Hoarding signage is mainly used in the construction industry. Builders and property developers put hoarding boards up while their sites are under construction. In years gone by, this hoarding might have been painted or left bare, but it increasingly has bespoke printed material on it. 

The graphics printed on them are often about that specific development: images of the houses being built, or the redevelopment of a retail unit. They grasp the commercial opportunity and both advertise and inform viewers about what’s going on behind the hoarding.

Large-format graphics can be printed onto a range of materials (plastic, metal, board or paper) providing a high-quality promotional display that hides the construction site. Graphics can include artwork to make the hoardings more attractive, or logos or images to publicise specific brands or projects. 

Most often, however, in the case of construction site signs, graphics are used to tell people what is coming behind the fence – promoting the project, and/or acting as an advertisement for it, using 3D renderings and artist’s impressions. 

The graphics can be updated as the build progresses or the situation changes. Such hoarding signs are sometimes known as ‘apologetic signage’ as they inform passersby about what’s going on, give updates and news about the project’s ultimate purpose, i.e. when it will be finished, how many houses and how much they cost or advising of any noise or disturbance.

Hoarding signage

What is hoarding signage used for?

It can be used to increase awareness about new housing developments, or generate excitement about a new store or restaurant opening. It not only hides potentially ugly fencing, but comes into its own as a cost-effective form of advertising that has the potential to achieve considerable exposure as people pass by. 

Hoarding signage is also the ideal place to incorporate health and safety and hazard signs for construction sites, as stipulated by law.

How much does building site signage cost?

Like so many things in life, the cost depends on the size, materials and designs used. For a quote, email us at hello@bdhtullford.co.uk or give us a quick ring on 01603 620780 to talk to our team about the price of hoarding signage.

What is hoarding signage made from?

Metal, vinyl, acrylic, polycarbonate, wood and LED are some of the hoarding board options.

Dibond hoarding is also common. It is made of aluminium composite, featuring sheets of aluminium glued to a plastic core. This tends to be the most expensive type. But it’s also the most sustainable as it’s durable and can sometimes even be recycled. Graphics can be printed straight onto the metal and different finishes are available.

Plywood/timber boards are also popular. Self-adhesive printed graphics can be quickly and easily be stuck onto these.

If you need something temporary, banners can be printed onto flexible PVC/PET, which can be fixed or tied to the hoarding. Complementary banners and flags can be made out of fabric material or vinyl to attract attention and enquiries.

How to install hoarding signs

The installation of hoarding signage varies depending on the type of hoarding and the sign. If it’s plywood or fencing, then digitally printed decals, posters or vinyl wraps and banners can be affixed easily. They are also easy to change and/or update. 

However, other options, such as large format boards, are available and our installation team can help you to get it right. 

Hoarding signage designs

The sky is quite literally the limit when it comes to designing signage. At BDH Tullford, we can use your own artwork or our in-house design team can take a brief and produce something bespoke.  

Our state-of-the-art equipment and digital printing technology make large-format printing simple. Colour or black and white, lettering or full graphics, the choice is yours!

Discuss hoarding signage with us today!

BDH Tullford is a printer with many years of experience producing banners for clients across the UK and Europe. We can design, print and dispatch hoarding signs from our facilities in Norwich and provide on-site installation. Get in touch with the BDH Tullford team by email at hello@bdhtullford.co.uk or call 01603 620780.