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Draw customers’ attention to new products and drive impulse buys at the till with cost-effective counter display stands.

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Whatever you want to promote, we can produce eye-catching table top display stands to drive extra sales at the till.

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What are counter display stands?

Counter display stands, also known as counter display units (CDUs), are cost-effective ways to grab customers’ attention and promote a particular product or service. 

Usually made of cardboard, these easy-to-assemble table top display stands attractively show off your product at the checkout counter or other high-traffic area. This makes them ideal for promoting new products, services or impulse buys. They can also be customised to hold anything from sweets to novelty items and leaflets.

What is a custom table top display stand?

A custom table top display stand is one that has been tailored to reflect your branding, the space you have available and the items you want to promote. This ensures that it has maximum impact while also reinforcing your brand.

Customisation can include:

  • Adding your branding
  • Tailoring your stand to the weight, size and number of items you want to promote
  • Creating a bespoke style or seasonal design
  • Choosing the number of tiers your stand has
  • Customising the stand to fit in with your space requirements

Who are counter display stands for?

Counter display stands are perfect for retailers and shop owners as they are ideal for getting customers interested in your products or services. Thanks to their small size and countertop location, they are also ideal for retailers whose space is at a premium. 

Where should counter display units be located?

Counter display units are perfectly sized to sit on the counter next to a till or line near a checkout. These are great locations because they reach customers already primed for a purchase, which makes tempting them to buy a little something extra much easier. The counter display unit can catch their eye while they are waiting to pay and encourage them to buy one last thing before they leave the shop. 

They can also be placed on table tops in other high-traffic locations for a bit of extra promotion.

What are the benefits of using a countertop display unit (CDU)?

Counter display units are fantastic for businesses because:

  • They are attractive and attention-grabbing, ideal for putting lower value but high revenue products firmly in the sight of customers.
  • They are cost-effective ways of boosting purchases at point-of-sale locations, such as checkouts and till.
  • Designed to sit on the counter, table top display stands make the most of a small amount of space.
  • Completely customisable, they can be adapted to suit the exact weight and size of your product while also displaying your branding.
  • Generally made out of cardboard, counter display units are easy to assemble and can be recycled once they are no longer needed.

What are the challenges of designing a table top display stand?

Table top display stands have to make the most out of a small space, which is why having the right design is crucial. At BDH Tullford, we can create a customised unit for you which reflects your branding while also providing the perfect home for the product you wish to promote. Simply request a quote to find out more!

How can I get a counter display stand?

If you’re looking to set up a counter display stand in your shop, we can help! 

To start, you will need to supply us with a design brief that tells us about what you want to achieve and the products you want to display. You can also include your own artwork. 

However, if you’re not sure about the design, our in-house team can help. They will create eye-catching designs that will delight your customers and drive sales, keeping your products front and centre, taking into account the space available. 

To check that the size is right, we can create you a prototype if needed. Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll move into production and distribution.

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