The types of POS display on offer to modern marketers can be bewildering and overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out. How do you know whether you’ve considered all of the options or found the right one for your next campaign?

In this article, we introduce some of the most common types of POS displays and their uses, allowing your brand to deliver inspiring and engaging messages to customers in a wide range of retail environments.

Security Scanner Covers

Unsightly as they may be, security scanners are vital for protecting retailer profits. But they also provide a great opportunity to deliver key messages as customers enter a store.

Simply slip a low-cost, easy-to-assemble cardboard cover over the top to inspire your customers as they start shopping.

Basket Liners

Another simple way to inspire customers on arrival is the humble basket liner.

Customers will see the message when they first pick up the basket, when they place items in the bottom and when they get to the checkout, repeatedly reinforcing your brand.

Our tip? Make it bright and eye catching, with a simple call to action for the best effect.

ePOS Advertising

With more and more stores moving over to contactless payments during the coronavirus pandemic, you may think the opportunity to deliver marketing messages at the point of payment is lost, but ePOS systems actually provide several opportunities to deliver marketing messages at the till point.

For instance, you can add stickers to the top of the pin pad, or attach a wobbler to the back of the card reader unit. As it catches a breeze, it will bob up and down and catch the eye.

Free-standing Display Units

As the name suggests, free-standing display units (or FSDUs) are standalone displays. Relatively inexpensive to produce, they’re typically easy to set up and can easily be moved to high-traffic areas of a retail space to maximise visibility.

Usually made of cardboard, they can be created in a wide range of shapes and designs, displaying your products to the best effect. For instance, if you’re selling coffee beans, you could create an FSDU in the shape of a coffee pot or cup to grab customer attention.

Counter Displays

Counter-top display units (CDUs) tend to be smaller than FSDUs so that they neatly fit onto a counter or till point. They’re a fantastic way to get customers interested in buying low-value impulse purchases as they pay for their other items. Again, these can be styled and branded to show your items to great effect.

No space for a CDU? A counter mat is a good alternative. These hard-wearing mats protect the countertop while delivering key promotional messages. Use bold headlines and compelling offers to help start a conversation between cashiers and customers.

They can also be a useful aide memoire for your teams; if you sell a wide range of different items – for instance, drill bits or screws in a wide range of sizes – your teams can refer to the counter mat to check inventory.

Dump bins

Simple to set up and easy to move, dump bins are ideal for displaying fast-moving product lines.

As with FSDUs, they can be made from cardboard and branded with your colours and messages. You could even choose to create one in an unusual shape, such as a giant pumpkin filled with Halloween treats for use during October.

Floor stickers and graphics

They’re something we take for granted as we walk the aisles of our local supermarkets, but floor graphics are great for drawing attention to the shelves. With so many customers using smartphones as they shop, you can put your key messaging right under their noses.

Plus, with some clever design trickery, they can be made to look 3D, giving them even more impact. Or you could incorporate games for children, like hopscotch. By keeping little ones entertained in-store you increase dwell time in front of your products and potential pester power.

As QR codes adoption grows, we’re also seeing our clients use these simple scannable graphics to direct customers to their websites to learn more about their products.

Printed materials

Of course, printed materials also count as POS displays.

From wall-mounted posters to banners and mobiles that dangle over aisles, printed materials are versatile and easy to install.

Not only can you feature promotional images and messages, but you can incorporate bright colours and bold calls to action to entice spending behaviour.

Hero Bays

These are used to draw attention to a portion of a shelving unit. From introducing different coloured shelves to adding flashing lights and header signage to the top of the bay, it’s a high-impact way to showcase a new product of offer.

Shelf Edging

Shelf-based marketing materials are a cost-effective way to draw highlight new products and promotions in-aisle. Use pricing tags on the edge of shelves to highlight discounts, or add wobblers and hang tags to stop customers in their tracks. Designed to stand out from the shelves, these can be 3D-formed and incorporate LED flashing lights and sound units to really draw the eye.

Lenticular moving images can be used on shelf displays, almost like a hologram. Up to four images can be interlaced, so that the images appear to move as customers walk by, cutting through the visually noisy retail space.

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