If you call our main switchboard or visit our office, the chances are you’ll speak to Bex Harvey on Reception. To help you put a face to the name, we speak to her about her role, her responsibilities and how she’s finding Lockdown 2.0.

First up, can you tell us a bit about your role at BDH Tullford?

I joined the business in December 2015 as Receptionist/Administrator. I’m responsible for manning the phone lines and connecting calls, as well as accounts. I work closely with Sam Chisnall to manage client invoices.

When I’m in the office, I also look after the dispatch of printed items, POS displays and signage, working with couriers to get items to our clients. As long as it’s not on a pallet, I can arrange delivery.

It sounds Very varied. Have you done anything like this before?

Immediately before working at BDH Tullford, I worked as a receptionist for a physiotherapist. Actually, at the beginning of my career I worked as a reception engineer for an aggregates company, where I was responsible for reception tasks and admin, so I have lots of experience.

I’ve also been a mental health nurse in the past, and I ran my own shop, selling fruit, vegetables and animal feed. Oh, and I’ve also been a florist!

What’s your favourite part of your current role?

I enjoy a challenge. I like working through problems and feeling as though I’ve achieved something.

I’m a very methodical person, so I have a to-do list in spreadsheet format on my computer. Anything that doesn’t get marked off on the same day becomes the priority for the next day. In fact, I like a deadline, because it helps me to prioritise. 

Where are you working from during Lockdown 2.0?

I’m working from home. Well, I’m actually working from a touring caravan in the garden! My husband and I bought it last year so we could go on holidays and long weekends. That hasn’t quite worked out as planned!

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I stay in here all day, so it does feel like I’m actually going out to work. I’m lucky to have a separate space for my work, so I can leave my set up at the end of the day without putting everything away. My work phone is internet connected, so it allows me to manage all of my switchboard responsibilities while working remotely. 

What does a typical working day look like for you?

To give you some background, I live on a farm and have 3 shire horses and 2 shire crosses, plus more horses on land that we rent for retired horses. I ride and drive, both for pleasure and in competitions. Before Covid, I competed up and down the country. We also hire the horses out for weddings, proms and demonstrations – but this hasn’t been a normal year by any means!

I get up at 5:30 to feed the horses every day. It’s okay most of the time, but when winter arrives it gets harder. When my tools are frozen it’s less fun; it’s a labour of love! 

If the weather’s alright, l turn the horses out for the day, before going back inside to shower and get ready for work.

I’m at my desk by 8.30, manning the phones and handling enquiries, which I’ll do until 5:30, when I finish. 

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That’s the perfect time to check on the horses again and bring them in if needs be. Then I cook dinner for the family before settling down to watch some TV. I’ve been enjoying Strictly over the past few weeks, but I really love anything involving animals.

At 10:00 I’ll go out and give the horses a final feed for the night before going to bed.

That’s my normal routine from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, I work with the RNAA, which organises the Royal Norfolk Show. There hasn’t been one this year, but hopefully it will return to the show calendar soon. 

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