We’re delighted to announce that our new range of fun face shields are now available to order.

Made at our facilities in the heart of Norfolk, they’re designed to make PPE feel less alien to children as lockdown conditions continue to lift. Available in a range of designs, we can deliver visors to addresses across the UK. 

Face coverings became mandatory in all shops across the UK from the 24th July 2020; these fun themed visors are designed to make customer service interactions feel less intimidating for families and children. 

Over the course of the lockdown, our teams have been focused on helping our clients across the UK adapt to new ways of working while keeping their teams and customers safe.

We quickly started supplying masks to the NHS and the introduction of themed visors are a natural next step. From dentists and opticians to shops and restaurants, the themed visor is a simple way to soften the appearance of PPE by adding some fun graphics.

Made from a single sheet of clear plastic attached to a head band, the themed face visors are:

  • Lightweight: They’re just a few grams heavier than our Economy Face Shields.
  • Hygienic: As a single sheet of plastic, there are no joins or edges to harbour germs.
  • Cost-effective: Get in touch for a quote.

Says Director James Fox: “We’re delighted to introduce themed face visors to our range of products. Many of us at BDH Tullford have children who dislike the appearance of PPE, so we wanted to find a solution to the problem. These new visors are a fun, simple and inexpensive way to make children feel welcome and safe in a range of environments.”

Stay tuned for more PPE developments at BDH Tullford.

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