This September, we’re delighted to share news of our latest POS display development, produced exclusively for Crown Pet Foods.


Acrylic Cat Tree

Specially designed for use in veterinary practice waiting rooms, the Royal Canin Cat Tree was developed in response to a brief from our longstanding client. 

Crown Pet Foods was looking to enhance the design of its existing display, which allows cat owners to place cat baskets in an elevated position. Not only are cats generally happier off the ground, but the display also raises them out of reach of curious dogs, thus reducing animal stress – all while promoting the Royal Canin brand. 

The company’s previous Cat Tree was made of steel and featured two platforms for cat baskets, which made it extremely heavy, expensive to transport and difficult to move. Crown Pet Foods approached BDH Tullford seeking a lighter, more cost-effective, easier to transport version that also raised brand awareness. 

We worked with our client to design and prototype a new display that met the brief, initially creating a model made from 5mm dense white acrylic with a dibond header. Measuring 700mm in height, featuring modern curved, clean lines, a non-slip surface on the platform, integrated blanket storage and wipe-clean surfaces, it’s as practical as it is attractive. The acrylic construction is strong but much lighter than steel, which makes the new Cat Tree much easier to manoeuvre and position. 

Says Business Development Director Adrian Kingsland: “We’re absolutely thrilled to share the launch of Royal Canin’s new Cat Tree display. It helps pet owners to care for their animals in what can sometimes be highly stressful circumstances, while also allowing Crown Pet Foods to raise brand awareness in a tasteful and eye-catching way.”

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