With consumers around the world relying on ecommerce to take care of their shopping needs, retailers everywhere are looking for smart ways to improve the customer experience outside of brick-and-mortar environments.

To achieve those memorable moments, many businesses are opting to include free gifts with each delivery.


Because it’s an easy way to surprise and delight your customers. The discovery of a small gift makes the customer feel special, encourages repeat custom and increases the chances of a recommendation to friends and family. They might even share your gift on social media, so your brand reaches new audiences.

Sounds good, no?

Before you get started, here are some vital considerations to help you get it right. 

1. Weight

Be mindful of the weight of your gift because you’ll have to pay for the postage. Lightweight items, such as stickers, coasters and stationery are ideal because they don’t tend to be bulky either.

2. Cost

How much budget can you spend per item? This narrows your focus, trust us! 

Top tip: If you want to giveaway high-value items, send them with orders over a specific spending threshold. Alternatively, consider including them with your customers’ fifth online order to reward loyalty.

3. Branding

You’ll want to include your branding on each item, so customers remember where it came from. Consider what your logo and strapline will look like when shrunk down on a pen or a magnet. If it’s not legible, it might be time to go back to the drawing board.

4. Add value

While it’s important for your branding to appear on your gifts, it should also be something customers want to keep and look at. Make sure it’s fun, useful or limited edition so they hang on to it. 

5. Sustainability

With customers becoming increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment, be sure to consider the sustainability of the item. Is it durable? Does it biodegrade? Are the materials sustainable? 

Get in touch

If you’re considering including a free gift with your products, give us a call. We’ll discuss the important points above, to help you find branded merchandise that will surprise and delight your customers.